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Where Love Lives

Right Here. Right Now. That’s the only place we can really connect with God, ourselves and other humans.

I think that has something to do with Love. Love is a present moment activity. We can only love people as they are. Love thrown into the future "I will love you when..." isn't real love. It's manipulation. "I love you right now as you are" is the heart of radical acceptance for others and for ourselves. It is also the heart of Jesus. Can we set aside our fears and simply love ourselves as Jesus loves us? We know He didn’t wait to love. Why are we waiting to love?

God loves me in the here and now. In fact, He IS Love at this very moment. He can only access my heart right now, in this instant. Not for yesterday or for tomorrow. Right now is the only access point He has.

That's why mindfulness is blowing up in our culture. It is why it has been considered a spiritual practice all over the world for generations. People are being given a tool to experience the pleasure of the present moment. Joy and freedom can only be found there, in the right now moment.

What many don't realize is they are tapping into the pleasure of being present in the Presence. When we are in the present moment, the "I AM" has a lot more access to us. I think I had been missing that key revelation. I know God is infinite. He was, He is, He is to come. But to Moses, the man He was using to restore relationship with people, He said, “I Am."

And this is where the connection comes full circle. When we tap into right now, when we are present in the presence, we are empowered. We can do anything in this space. Our options are limitless with this God connection. We are free of the shame of the past or fear of the future. But the thing we are most empowered to do: Love others as they are. When we are connected with the heart of God in the moment, we can see others as they are and love limitlessly.

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