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Tonight I was overcome by God’s desire to be reconciled with all who have been left wanting by religion and shallow faith. His heart is pursuing and he is saying “I am not who they said I am. I am who I SAY I AM.” It’s not about shame. We just believed what we were told by good intentioned, imperfect humans. They defined God by their own image instead of letting Him make us in His. There is an invitation to go deeper. To push past what we were told and to see him more clearly than ever. To know him as he really is.

As I push into this idea of mysticism, acknowledging the connection between the seen and the unseen, I am always struck by one thing. Relationship. It is ALL about relationship. It isn’t about trancendance and it isn’t about enlightenment. It isn’t about floating above human problems on a cloud of spiritual woo woo. It is about a Father showing himself to his kids.

He wants us to go deeper with him. He is less satisfied with a shallow relationship with us than we are. He wants more even more than we do. He is always pursuing.

And still we miss it. How is that that we miss the God of All chasing us down? All I can say is how I miss it...I forget to pay attention. Mary Oliver says, “Attention is the beginning of devotion.” So that’s where I am starting. Little reminders to pay attention. Remembering to look for Him. Right here, right now.

As I contemplated this with the Lord, I felt him singing a song. It went kind of like this:

If life with me has left you wanting more

If life with me hasn’t been what you bargained for

Then you’ve not really known me

You’ve not clearly seen

All the ways I hold you

All that my love means

There’s an invitation to go to the deeper places

It’s ok

It's not your fault

And you’ve not missed it

You just believed what they said I am

All the lies that they said

All the limits they set

But I am not who they say I am

I am who I say I AM

So here’s the invitation to go to the deeper places

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