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The Black Pool

Before me lay a great black pool

So deep, so beautiful

It contained a multitude

A mixture of curious color

Midnight sky

Living soil

Red blood

All shown through the surface

Glistening from the source

Drawn to its shores

I stepped into the inky liquid

I heard the onlookers say

She must be crazy

Doesn't she know?

She'll be stained forever


I knew they were right

And I moved all the faster

I raced past my feet, shins, knees

And as the cool hit my thighs

I dove in, head first

Disappearing into the depths

I felt myself sink

My form let go

The fathomless held me

The fullness filled me

They say I resurfaced

After god knows how long

I stepped out of the blackness




And terrifying

They say I walked away that day

Moved on, silent and changed

Leaving a trail dripping behind me

But for me, I say

The pool remains near

I'd recognize that substance anywhere

It's depth in my bones

It's fullness on my tongue

It's hum in my chest

I know this is the truth

For the black path remains also

But more than drips

It is the language of the deep

It spells the words that formed the world

#Poetry #wholeness #Art #Creativity #Spirit #Revelation #Love

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