Poem about what faith isn't and what it might be instead.

My heart goes out to you

As lighthouse searches the waters

It calls in every direction

Day and night

Even through the winter 

It stands and waits

Sadness may start to settle in

As the days ahead dwindle

As the time lost mounts larger


And still nothing to show

But the hunt...

Every step is a funeral march

Every tear, an ocean

Each drop of blood, a holy war

And the mask I wear

Is treason

Hand over mouth

Muffled sobs of the kidnapped

You see my frame

But I’m not here

I’ve been stolen away


Is the quiet daily dirge safer?

Am I honoring the broken...

“Reach for the stars”

“Go big!” they say

But what happens when reaching

Takes you too far away?

You look in your rear view 

And realize you’re alone

What happens when schemeing 

Take you too far from home?

You thought he'd come with you

You thought she'd know how

You planned it...

My intention is this

To sit at the very center of my life

And to make such a glorious commotion 

That the grass and rocks buzz all around me

To be wild 

Embracing all the absurd and all the brave

To be unignorable 


The judgements need not matter

The outcome isn't the...

As I push into this idea of mysticism, acknowledging the connection between the seen and the unseen, I am always struck by one thing. Relationship. It is ALL about relationship.

Can you smell the snow, too? The fresh faced crystals being born in the clouds Can you open your eyes to the ice about to be?

My prayer is this

When you are buried down deep

In the cold dark


And your body is breaking open

That my voice will come to you

Like rain to the seed

My eyes, the light

And my arms, the soil’s embrace

That the sustenance

The nurture

Of my love will find you there

It was never...

Let me be clear about one thing
My poems are not for you
They are from me and for me
They are mine

I have opened the door
But my house is not your home
You are a guest here
Welcome, but unnecessary

I put on my oxygen mask first
It’s self preservation
If my words help...

You changed the way I sleep
From back to side
To make room for us both
To keep the blood flowing
I adjusted

You changed the way I think
From certainty to doubt
To make room for the risk
Of your mere existence
I adjusted

You changed the way I sing
From deep to shallow
To deeper s...

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