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Autumn Starks
Hi. I'm Autumn.

Welcome, friends! I am so psyched to share what I have been up to with you. This space is a conglomeration of blog posts, poetry and music. I write weekly on topics like emotional wholeness, creativity in real life and how to meditate in the presence of a toddler. 


I am on a journey to honor my voice as a creative human. I am passionate about sharing this path with you as honestly as I can. The courage of others who talk openly about their process (even before they have it all figured out) has always deeply moved me. Tales of overcoming heartache, chasing impossible dreams and finding boldness in creativity are important. Stories like that strengthen us. I am adding my voice to that chorus to remind you that you are not alone. So if you love frank conversation over coffee, with a little sass thrown in for good measure, you will feel right at home here. 


A little more about me. I am a songwriter, mama, therapist, poet, wife and friend. I love to support people on their journey whether it be healing from trauma, learning their God given identity or fixing up their relationships. For me, creativity and spirituality are inextricably connected. I’m joining you in this space to plunge the depths of that connection together. I can’t wait to see what we will discover!

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for updates on events, new songs and speaking engagements. Any other questions, just contact me!

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